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5 ways to ruin your workout

It is not enough to just go the gym, give everything you got and expect to see tremendeous results. It doesn’t work that way. You need to have a plan how you are going to do it. Many people who are new to working out, make the most common mistakes that can easily destroy their workouts and ruin your progress. The first one is the most common mistake that literally everybody who is in the gym for the first time makes. They are not addressing their weaknesses.

You can’t really expect to progress if you are not paying special attention to your weaknesses. Doing exercises and working out is not about what you like to do, it is about what you need and must do in order to get the best results and accomplish progress. It is easy to do something that you like but doing something that you don’t, is not. Well, since not everybody knows this, the easiest way to progress your body composition is by addressing your weaknesses. Ask yourself one question, what are you struggling with the most?

After you ask yourself this question, you will understand why are you struggling. Strengthening your weaknesses will pay off in the long run without any doubts and you will be able to accomplish much more if you do so. Pay attention to isolation movements. You must prioritize your compound movements and not always do what seems like the most fun. If you are really into fitness, you need to concentrate on the exercises like pull-ups, overhead presses, squats and deadlifts because they are more metabolically demanding and will give the most results.

It is very important to stay focused on what you are doing because that is what will spare you from getting hurt. Keep an eye on the exercise instead of something else simply because waiting too long to start with the next workout can kill any metabolic effect. You are there to work out in order to get stronger, healthier and better looking after all so stick with it always.